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OGLIASTRA    for your walking excursions in Sardinia

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Baunei Sardinia Ogliastra


BAUNEI:  a corner of unspoiled paradise in Sardinia


Salvatore e Paolo, who were born in Supramonte, have inherited their ancestors' memory and know the smallest corners very well. They will offer you a unique guiding service.



The Baunei territory offers a wonderful harmony between the mountain and the sea; its coast line is 25 miles long with bastions, calcareous cliffs that sheer drop into the sea, and which are carved with small creeks. The shore spreads from Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Luna. The most famous sights from the south are Pedra Longa needle, Montesanto cape, Porto Pedrosu, Cala Goloritzé, Ispuligidenie (also know as Cala Mariolu), Cala Biriàla, Cala Sisine and Cala Luna.

The territory is constituted of karstic vales of the basaltic Golgo plateau with the "Su Sterru" pit (the deepest in Europe) and the karstic plateau Margine. The Royal eagle, the Queen hawk, the Corsican sea-gull, the Bonelli eagle live here. There are a great number of very interesting caves and pits all along the coast, below and above sea level.
The historical patrimony is not to be forgotten, there are numerous traces of the different historic periods.

Anthropozoic silts from the prenuralghic period were found as well as nuraghes, nuragic villages, forts and tombs of the nuragic giants period. Sights and coins from the imperial and republican periods and also from Roman times were also discovered. You will also have to visit the Santa Maria Navarrese and Eltili medieval churches, the Spanish tower and the Golgo church. Besides, for rock climbers, numerous walls have been equipped, for a variety of levels, offering unique and exceptional views between needles and cliffs steep above the sea.

Santa Maria Navarrese hamlet is at the foot of a hill covered with olive trees, fig trees, locust trees and lotus trees and a thick bush. This coastal village is named after a small church erected in 1052 by the Navarre Princess, daughter of the king Garcia Sanchez V.
She has likely fled her country because of a love sin and she is said to have wanted to thank the Madona for saving her life after a shipwreck near the frightening "Monti Insani" now called Monte Santo.



for your walking excursions in Sardinia

Salinas Escursioni

Baunei - (Ogliastra - Sardinia)

Phone number:

Paolo +39.340.5665739

Salvatore +39.360.692431

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