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Daily Walking - Cala Luna Cala Goloritzé Cala Mariolu Pedra Longa Portu Quau


DAILY WALKING - ONE DAY'S TRIP:  walking between Sea & Mountain Baunei


Il Baunei territory with its wonderful wild landscapes makes it possible to enjoy both the Supramonte mountain and the magnificent creeks which you can reach only on foot.
Salinas Escursioni with Paolo and Salvatore offers to make you discover one of these superb creeks and to provide eating in one of the typical sheep-fold as well.
The level of difficulty varies from one itinerary to another.

You will trust Paolo's and Salvatore's experience, they will advise you and you will derive a cultural pleasure and enjoy this unknown environment.
Here is a list of possible one day's treks. We can organize others with a return by boat for example.
Send us an e-mail with your questions and we will answer with an itinerary that will suit you.


Walking to Cala Luna

Beautiful trip, it starts from Margine plateau along an old mule path to Cala Luna.
You will walk by old sheep-folds such as the "Onnamara" sheep-fold and you will admire "S'Arcu del Lopiro".

Length: 3h
Altitude: 600 mt
Level: medium
Departure: Altopiano del Margine
Arrival: Cala Luna


Walking to Pedra Longa

You will enjoy splendid views on the huge walls of the peaks of "Giradili", "Ar Gennas" and "Pedra Longa". It is the most impressive spur in the isle, surrounded by an clear sea, which seems to make the walls of cliffs fall sheerer.

Length: 2h
Altitude: 650 mt
Level: easy
Departure: Genna e Olidone
Arrival: Pedra Longa


Walking to Cala Goloritzé

It is one of the most popular trips, it leads from the Golgo plateau to Cala Goloritzé. We will spend the morning and the beginning of the afternoon on the beach and hike back to Golgo on a different path with many panoramic views.

- 1h 30 to go down
- 2h to go up
Altitude: 650 mt
Level: medium
Departure: Su Porteddu
Arrival: Su Porteddu


Walking to Portu Quau

Here is an intriguing and beautiful trip in the "Bacu Maore" vale to Portu Quau, a kind of strange fjord surrounded by rocky walls. Portu Quau is also known thanks to a shipwreck lying at its entrance.

Length: 3h
Altitude: 650 mt
Level: medium
Departure: Ovile Piras
Arrival: Portu Cuau


Walking to Ispuligidenie (Cala Mariolu)

Here is a trip full of panoramic views, it crosses "Gena e Pisu", "Bolandina", "S'arcu su Tasaru" and "Sa serra e'lattone", then goes down a steep rock bluff to Ispuligidenie or Cala Mariolù. From there you will enjoy a full view of the whole Orosei gulf

Length: 3 ore
Altitude: 550 mt
Level: medium
Departure: Piredda
Arrival: Ispuligidenie


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Salinas Escursioni

Baunei - (Ogliastra - Sardinia)

Phone number:

Paolo +39.340.5665739

Salvatore +39.360.692431

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